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If you are not feeling well, have a cough or fever – DO NOT ENTER.

Please, no browsing. If you are looking to purchase food, cigarettes, appliances or home furnishings to replace today, please come in. If items are not necessary, or you are looking to browse, please return once the lockdown measures ease.

If you are planning to come into Arnie’s to purchase appliances or home furnishings, pickup is still available. However, to protect our staff we have strict procedures in place which need to be respected and we ask for your patience at this time.

Mon to Fri 8-6
Sat and Sun 9-6

If delivery is required, we do drops off delivery only. We will not be entering homes beyond putting product in driveways garages if needed for the safety of all, please respect this policy.

We carry a large selection of high quality tax-free home furniture and appliances. Due to our unique location on the Tyendinaga Reserve, everything is always tax-free for all of our customers.


Because we are located on the Tyendinaga Reserveyou don’t pay tax – ever!


Here at Arnie’s Appliances we stand behind the brands we carry. Visit our Products page to discover the high quality brands we sell.

We are happy to hear from you! Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Delivery options available.

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