Written by Dan Brunn

Small space living is more than a trend. From apartment-living urban dwellers to empty nesters downsizing, small space living has quickly become the “new norm” for many.

But, just because a space is smaller in square feet doesn’t mean that those who choose to live in it must sacrifice design, style or functionality. The key to maximizing a small space is purposeful design.

Here are four design tips to help make the most of your small space.


#1 Use Reflective Surfaces

Installing reflective surfaces adds new depth to a room by distributing existing light throughout the space. Stainless steel dishwashers and stainless steel cooktops are a great way to achieve this effect in the kitchen, while mirrors are a quick and easy fix for other rooms in the home.


#2 Take Advantage of Natural Light

Incorporating natural light can make any space feel larger. Light has a way of making a space a feel roomy, regardless of how large it actually is. We love the way the bright summer light comes through the oversized windows in this open-concept kitchen to create even more space.

#3 Incorporate Multi-purpose Items

That doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, make alterations to the space. When designing a small space, it’s important to remember that every element must serve a purpose—and, the more items that can serve more than one purpose, the more functional the space becomes. Incorporating multi-purpose items such as a murphy-style kitchen table or a pull-out addition to the kitchen island are a practical way to add and remove elements when you need them.


#4 Choose Your Appliances Wisely

Good design should help create a sense of space, not just occupy it. In rooms like the kitchen, appliances are the focal point, so it’s essential that they seamlessly integrate into the space.

That is the motivation for the Bosch small space kitchen appliances – providing well-designed, quality appliances that can be easily incorporated into kitchens and secondary areas where space is a consideration. With appliances ranging from 18” to 27”, such as the 18” Bosch dishwasher, the small space kitchen provides the functionality of a full kitchen in about six feet of space.