From our friends at Thermador, Posted by: Megan Spies


According to Pinterest, home improvement and renovation searches spike in the beginning of the year. Further, Thermador recently surveyed 2,005 nationally representative Americans on which areas of the home they would look to upgrade first if they were suddenly granted $10,000 and appliances was top priority.

Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel, or building your dream home from the ground up, read on for our guide to creating your dream kitchen!

Determine Budget:

The first step to any remodel is determining what you have available to spend, and where you plan to allocate your budget. Set aside money for tops priorities like appliances, cabinets, a kitchen island and countertops first, and consider lighting, hardware, paint, backsplashes and other details secondarily.

While it may seem like getting the kitchen of your dreams is out of reach, an entire luxury kitchen is achievable starting at just $10,000 with Leap Into Luxury appliance packages from Thermador. With nine options available to fit your kitchen’s needs, select packages include all-new 72-inch Freestanding Refrigeration, 30-Inch Masterpiece® Double Oven with Professional Handle, 30-Inch Masterpiece® Single Oven with Professional Handle and more.


Define Functionality:

Next, optimize your kitchen remodel design to cater to your needs and lifestyle. While a vast kitchen island may make sense for frequent entertainers, that space may be better suited for a kitchen table for large families who value quality time spent at mealtime.

Appliances play a major role in the kitchen, and selecting smart choices in the right places can determine how functional your space is.

For empty nesters with extra room to spare, a Wine Refrigerator could be an exciting addition to their space and may encourage an aspiring sommelier to learn more about their craft. Or, for a large family with varying dietary preferences or restrictions, cooking appliances that do it all, like a Professional Wall Oven with Side Opening Door, offers accessibility, versatility and personalization.

Make Major Purchases First:

Now that you’ve made appropriate considerations, the fun begins – shopping and remodeling!

Wire work, framing and plumbing are the first steps of the renovation. Whether your style is modern, traditional or eclectic, good bones make for a functional space.

Next, painting and trim comes into play. You’ll want to get the messy steps out of the way before bringing in new appliances, furniture and décor elements. With countertops and cabinets already in place, be sure to use painters’ tape appropriately – both to protect your new kitchen from splatters, and to ensure you’re not damaging your new products with sticky residue.

When purchasing appliances, be sure to consider every item that your family may need to create a cohesive look. While most people think of the basics like Refrigeration, Ovens and Dishwashers, there are so many choices on the market, and smaller appliances that you may not think of.

For example, have you considered if the oven you are looking at comes with a Cooktop built in, or if you’ll need to source one separately? And if so, have you decided between Electric, Gas or Induction? And for a truly dreamy kitchen design, consider a Built-in Fully Automatic Coffee Machine?

For help creating your perfect appliance package, use the Star Savings Estimator.

Decide Details:

Now that you have your basic elements fully in place, you can experiment with the details! Ornate tile backsplashes, lighting and electrical work, hardware and furnishings like bar stools or a kitchen table may be afterthoughts, but it’s important to budget appropriately for them to avoid any unforeseen costs.

In 2021, we loved bold backsplashes and mismatched hardware. Read about more trends in our recent blog post.

Finishing Touches:

Lastly, it’s time to make your new kitchen design your own for that dream home feeling.

A few quick tips to add personality to your space:

1. Personalize with wall art that complements your kitchen design.

2. Add in live plants to bring life to the space. Bonus points if the greenery accents a trendy green pop in your kitchen design!

3. Display your dishes. Pair your new dream kitchen with upgraded dishware that’s worthy of the spotlight.

4. Add personal touches. Even though you’ve designed a luxury space, don’t be afraid to make it feel like home. Family photos, report cards on the fridge, and heirloom cookbooks are always encouraged!

5. Get down to the details. Don’t forget to add Thermador Blue Knobs to your new appliances!