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How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Think about the last time you sautéed your favorite vegetable. You probably washed, peeled and chopped your produce, pulled out your handiest pan, and turned the knob on your cooktop to start the flame. Sounds simple enough. But, what if we told you that one of the hottest cooking movements (pun intended) doesn’t even require the use of a flame? What if we told you this cooking method can make it even easier and faster to prepare a meal that you’re proud to serve to your family and friends?


Beloved by both professional chefs, like Chef Curtis Stone, and home cooks for its accuracy, speed, and efficiency, induction cooking is transforming the way people approach making a meal. If you’ve ever wondered, “what is induction cooking?,” we’re excited to share with you a little a bit more about why Americans are quickly falling in love with this cooking method.


First, let’s start with a lesson in cooking science.


Traditionally, an electric cooktop or a gas cooktop uses thermal heat to apply heat to a pot or pan. In turn, the food inside the cookware—from a fresh fillet of fish to a pot full of chicken noodle soup—cooks to perfection. However, induction cooktops work a little differently—induction uses the cookware to create the heat.


When a pot or pan is placed on an induction cooktop and the cooktop is turned on, an electric current travels through a coiled copper wire, which creates a magnetic current to produce heat and apply the heat to the pot or pan. Heating the cookware directly prevents both heat loss and the cooking surface from being heated in the process. Why is this important? Well, induction cooking can help make it easier to get dinner on the table faster and more efficiently.

More Cooking in Less Time: Induction cooking is your secret weapon when time isn’t on your side. Because the heat is centralized to exactly where it’s needed, induction cooktops help reduce overall cooking time. A special Bosch cooking mode called SpeedBoost® provides a burst of power to speed up the heating process even further, like preheating a pan for searing a piece of meat or fish, boiling water for quick and easy pasta dinner

Perfect Results in a Pinch: Temperature control is essential for creating a meal that you are proud to serve family and friends. A few degrees too high and the risotto burns, the milk boils over and a delicate sauce scorches. With induction cooking, the process of heating your cookware stops as soon as the cookware is removed from the cooktop. This incredible response gives you even more control when cooking.

Life is messy, but cooking shouldn’t be: This heat source also means that the induction cooktop surface never gets as hot as with an electric or gas cooktop, making it even easier it quickly clean up spills. Should a spill occur, simply wipe down the surface with a paper towel, followed by a soapy dishcloth, and finish with a quick polish of glass cleaner – there’s no need to scrub! In a matter of seconds, the stunning induction cooktop is pristinely clean and prepared to take on any new recipe.


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